It's Sunday, day of rest for many people. While you are reading this, I am cleaning house and doing laundry because I don't have to go into work until a little after 11:00. 

I am also writing blog posts for the following week. When Sunday gets busy, you see fewer posts during the week following.

I'm still enjoying my work and more memorable customers. Some make several visits to perfect their creation. The man who needed a particular type of material for inside his puppets, the women who made bird costumes for a local charity event (They said they would come in wearing them and I will take photos, if they let me, and post them here with permission), the couple who make coats for dog show dogs to protect the coats they grow themselves, a roller dancer in search of coordinating material for himself and his partner, a 13-year old competitive skater looking for masculine styled swim fabric for practice shirts, a MULTITUDE of designers, some with their own shops, some working for films and TV shows, costumers for opera, ballet, and theater, mothers of the bride, brides and bridesmaids, and it goes on and on. Each is fascinating. I learn something new every day.

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