UGH! I forgot to tell you yesterday's pie picture was linked to its recipe for SWEET TEA PIE! Whoever heard of such a thing!

Rains continue for us. I have learned to drive the interstates at respectable speeds. 

Actually, what they call rain here is not what experienced Floridians think of when someone says, "I am tired of all the rain."  Still, even with the little drip-drips, we are often under flood watch.
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Seriously, the rain we get here would not cause a Floridian to scurry about looking for a raincoat (what IS that?). Instead, we would risk getting our hair and clothes a little dampened, and luxuriate in the cooling breeze of the air conditioning of our destination. I asked around and some Oregonians told me there can be heavy rains. Not that I WANT to experience that. The ground is so marshy, I almost lost the dog this morning. 

Also, it hails here. Not the size of baseballs like I saw one day in Georgia, or golf balls, frequent in Florida, but itty-bitty cute little things. 

Sunday was a busy day, so not much pre-post blog writing got done. This is my day off and I am relaxing before the beginning of tasks and errands. 

I would like to sew/quilt, but I still can't get into the sewing room, it is so disorganized. 

My resolution update will post tomorrow.

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