Excellent ground cover is not an easy thing to remove from gravel. 

I don't know what this weed is, but I spend about a half-hour every morning, working my way around the driveway. 


It is sticky and the rocks are rough to brush away, so I wear gloves. 

I can do about five feet, then it is too hot and the bees have woken up. 

 Issues with my elbow have slowed down my hand-sewing considerably. I've been able to get some machine piecing done and I'm caught up in Temecula. 

I've decided to discontinue Splendid Sampler, ending with block #49. When I first started it, it was exciting to find each block and choose the fabrics, work it, and see the results.

Then, it became something to tick off on a list as COMPLETE. Eventually, the blocks got really weird. You've heard me say how I believed some of the designers were trying to show off or make something that no one could duplicate. Some of the juvenile embroidery was not to my taste, either. 

In a way, I'm sorry I am not continuing. When the only pleasure came from marking off each block as I finished it and some of the blocks took eight or nine hours to make (FOR A 6" block!), I was not getting the right fun to effort quotient. 

So, cut bait.


lovetostitch said...

I understand, about the Splendid Sampler, I don't have that many completed, however using the reproduction fabrics and I think you are also, I think some of them look out of place. I'm also overwhelmed with things at home and deciding to put our home on the market. Right now I have too many BOMs going on, and feeling the "just check it off" or lay it aside feeling.

WAZOO! Quilting said...

I'm with you there, sister! Life is too short to torture ourselves trying to do something that has become an un- welcome chore. If the process isn't a fun challenge, I don't do it. I'm enjoying studying other quilter's efforts while making easier quilts that make me happy.