My Pieceful Mountain Guild Sister, Linda Daughtry, is one of my favorite artists. 

This piece is called TSA, for reasons travelers like me can easily recognize.

She used a color discharge technique to make the figures and other golden tones. 

I wish I had thought to take close ups of the written segments. Of course, the golds and oranges and buttons distracted me. Love buttons, love yellow and bronzy, coppery, orange.

I say "travelers like me", because, I am a frequent visitor to Oregon. I just returned from a short visit, where I looked for a place to live. In fact, I am looking to retire from retirement. I saw some promising areas.

I will miss my trees. Every window opens to oaks, pines, poplars, and my favorite, maples. Trees give me solitude and help center me. There are some mighty trees in the Northwest, and I spent time every day with them. Their look is different, but their presence brings me peace. 

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Did you look across the river in Vancouver? Not as hectic over there and real estate prices are a little better, or used to be.