I have worms. Fall webworms, to be exact. 

Some are up too high for me to reach. 

These webby pouches are filled with caterpillars. 

Some of the recommended treatments offered by state extension offices include torching, insecticide (SEVIN), pulling them down and hoping birds will eat the caterpillars. 

I called my tree surgeon, and like surgeons world-wide, his suggestion was to CUT. As in CUT THE TREES DOWN

I decided to get an estimate for having the branches removed and Saturday I will have that estimate. In the meantime, if you know of someone with a cherry picker who has a saw blade on a 10-foot pole and wants an afternoon's entertainment, give them my number.


Florida Farm Girl said...

Those are all over the woods these days. Don't remember them being this bad last year. I think you'd have to cut the whole forest down to get rid of them. The birds do love those caterpillars, though.


linda moon daughtry said...

It seems like there are more than ever this year. Something is not eating them.
Linda Daughtry

WAZOO! Quilting said...

Ours are horrible and waaaaay up in the tree out front. Mr Wazoo is upset, but thy seem to stick to only a couple types of trees. Our little fir tree is dead from them, and was given a solemn tree funeral after being cut down. I hope they go away with the first frost...