My philosophy has been that too much introspection gets you nowhere but deeper into the vortex. 

I subscribe to the theory that to focus OUT helps one engage in the world. But, while I was at Powell's City of Books, in Portland, I found a book that has me re-evaluating this way of thinking.

I had just that week discovered some things about myself that were truly revelatory. Those discoveries are what set me on the search for something in the Buddhist aisle at Powell's.

I am VERY good at identifying a problem. I am not so good at problem solving. My standard method is to look around for a delegate and instruct that delegate regarding the outcome I expect. Since I have had so much success with this method, my problem solving muscles have not had much exercise. 

How to See Yourself as You Really Are is proving to be a difficult read. I am reading each paragraph two to three times before going on to the next. I know I will have to reread the whole book when I finally finish. Right now, I'm at the part about the inter-relatedness of objects to their parts, and objects and their surroundings. Somehow, this has helped me identify some problem solving strategies. From FIX IT, PLEASE, I WANT IT TO WORK LIKE THIS, I am beginning to think WHAT CAN I DO TO GET TO POINT B?

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Suzanne Rostek said...

I realize how little introspection I've done over the years! What that's telling me now is that my focus has always been on external things--work, family, etc. For years I've been autopilot driving down somebody else's road.

Thank you for a mind-expanding post, my friend!