I bought a hanging baskets of fuchsia the other day. One for me, and one for my honorary niece. 
These exotic blossoms remind me of HonoraryNiece's mother, my longest-time-best-friend, who passed Tuesday. 

I think HMHC would have loved these plants. She liked bright, colorful, flowers, all kinds. She could make orchids bloom and when we all lived in Florida, she had a lot of flowering plants. Their yard was ablaze with color.

The first time I saw fuchsia, was hanging in a planter in Portland, Oregon. My plant is not as abundant, but I have hopes. 

QuiltyHusband, QuiltyFriend's man has been volunteered to hang my basket. I might go get 4 or 5 more so he won't feel like he has made the trip to my house for one small task.

Not my plant, but photos too gorgeous
not to share. Planters in Bridgeport,
Portland, Oregon 
I was ready to put aside my winter clothes. In fact, I had bought some things to wear for the spring-to-summer months. 

Then, out of nowhere (probably not true), when I took the dog out Wednesday night, before bed, and I could see my breath! Like February in Maine! Thursday was cold and rainy. I mean LOW FORTIES. 

Some of my friends in Blairsville were sleeted on. Friday morning was so cold in my house, I had that heavy bathrobe on that was too warm for me to wear this winter. It was 59 inside, so I turned the heat on yesterday.  I could not get warm, so for the first time in more than 30 years, I wore pajamas to bed instead of a nightgown. Still not warm enough. But today, although it started in the forties, is clear and green and lovely. It is making me think of gardening--with my limited shovel ability.

I have a new garden and landscape man, and he planted three Hawthorne bushes for me. They were gifts from some cats I know. The ease with which these were planted (easy for me!) led me to consider some of my mulch patches as possible planting areas. I have a month until he comes back--less if we get more rain and the grass grows as quickly as last time--to plan where I will put what. I never designed any planting arrangements. I will ask QuiltyFriend. She has two green thumbs and just the right knack. I gently brought up the topic of knock-out-roses, and she seemed to think it was a good idea. Now, what else could be on that patch that would frame the roses from below, but not detract?

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Suzanne Rostek said...

Beautiful just like you!