Quilter Karen Machetti's work on Sally Bolen's Quilt, The House on Willow Hill
I have many favorite quilters and several belong to Misty Mountain Quilters Guild. But not all attend my Applique Group. Sally Bolen does, though. 

I went through the Quilt Show before there were very many viewers and photographed everything and anything that caught my eye whether it had a ribbon on it or not. I made a point of taking the I.D. pictures so I could give credit to these fabulous quilters. Usually, I did an overall shot, I.D. shot, then a close up or two.

Because I did not have my reading glasses on, I was unable to read the cards. When I was editing my day's photography, I was surprised at how many of Sally's quilts I photographed.  

Then again, after getting to know her a little at the Boutique booth, I am not so surprised. She can surely count me as one of her fans.

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