Still enjoying QuiltFest 2013. I am spending time in front of the fire with a hot cuppa and some of my "new" books. The Misty Mountain Quilters Guild had members donate books and magazines they no longer wanted and we garage sale priced them. I found some that interested me.
This is the first one that caught my eye.

Volume 3
Didn't I immediately want to find Volume 1 and 2 and find out if there was a Volume 4 or more?
Miniature Quilts used to be a magazine when I first started quilting. I often looked at it in shops and book stores, but I don't think I ever bought a copy. I was using money to buy bed-sized ideas and the idea of creating something smaller just for my own pleasure did not occur to me. I wonder how many Boomer Quilters are thinking small right now and if there is a marketable interest in such a magazine.

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