Dian Schoeps' version of  a Quilt Mavens pattern
I was the one who checked in Diane Schoeps Illuminata quilt, quilted by Darlene Barnes. I wish I had gotten better pictures of it.
Yellows and reds on Diane Schoeps' Illuminata

It is foundation paper pieced, but that does NOT mean it was easy to do.
Diane Schoeps fine work in Illuminata

See how graceful the curves are and how the design breaks into itself in the transition from purple and lavender to blue and yellow.
Diane Schoeps earned a well-deserved ribbon for her quilt

Lovely color and the tails of her ribbon may give you an idea of how small the pieces are. I wish I had showed you my hand next to it.

I wonder how many pieces it took?

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