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I was looking for pictures for Tea Time Tuesday and saw this one on Pinterest. Right away, I thought, this must be how a Tea Shop looks in Oregon. In fact, it is SO MUCH like little places I have seen while watching PORTLANDIA, I felt I already knew it.

It is, in fact, the Maplewood Coffee and Tea shop in Portland, Oregon.

If I went there, do you suppose they would serve me in this Oregon Cascade Handcrafted Pine Cone set made by Lindsoe Clayworks? If you want one and can't make it to Oregon, you can order yours from Stash Tea. I find her work pleasing in a cookie cutter sort of way. No doubt that made her work popular for Stash Tea. Generally, I prefer one of a kind pottery when it is handmade. But there is ALWAYS room in my Virtual collection for one more mug, one more teapot.

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