Coming out of my funk a little bit. Cleared away a quarter of the half yarn clean up I started in the studio two weeks ago. I had gotten my yarn and project stash out, analyzed it, sorted it, put half of it away then inertia hit me like a solid wall of something that can't move by itself. I have a better understanding of people who look at something and say, "I just can't."

I entered a few of my little quilts in a show which had me stirring things up in there, looking for the right ones and printing the forms to turn in. Our local guild is putting on QuiltFest 2013 in October. It is a biennial event. 

I was never really clear on that phrase, BIENNIAL EVENT. Does it ALWAYS mean every other year or can it sometimes mean every half year? Well, for Misty Mountain Quilters Guild it means every other year although it almost didn't happen this year. It is a huge event. People can get college degrees now in event planning. I think I know why.

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