Trying to post from my iPad. I find Apple products to be completely counter-intuitive and frequently incomprehensible.  
1. It is not allowing me to select the date I want this to publish so I will have to keep hitting save then remember to post it sometime tomorrow.
2. It now wants me to select Sep 28 as the publishing date.
3. It will only allow me to select photos from my Picasa stream and showed me six photos it says I put there, but I no longer use Picasa. And these are all photos from last week.

So here I am back on my REAL computer. Here are the pictures I wanted to show you to illustrate my Monday Mantra.

All the time I was trying to get my TOY computer to do this, I kept thinking, "I want to throw this across the room and pick up my knitting."

This would have worked just as well. Too bad for me, Mom is 12 hours away. And my elbows hurt from too much knitting.

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