I am enjoying this most recent incarnation of the USE IT UP cotton/linen shawl I am knitting. I have a third of the length done but since the number of stitches doubles a la Fibbonacci, the final two thirds will take MUCH longer than a day. I should remember it took me four days to settle on exactly what I wanted to do and at what gauge after I selected the yarn. 

I am following the structure of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi Are Square Shawl, and on each row, I am recording what I did just in case I want to make it into a pattern.  I do not think it is a pattern I could sell because the structure is not my design,  just the stitch combinations. I am not much on garter stitch and not at all with cotton yarn because it is so dense and cotton is HEAVY. Instead, I am doing lots of eyelet stitches and faggoting.

Until I get a chance to photograph what is on my needles, look at the picture of Elizabeth, herself, wearing her garter stitch version of the shawl.

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