Okay, so I have been knitting AND reading. I ran across a small stash of cotton yarns in varying neutral tones. I have been knitting the same 12 inches of a shawl with the same ball of yarn every day and unknitting it the next day. It is a wonder the yarn has not disintegrated. Each time there is some issue that requires a COMPLETE start over. Every new incarnation of the shawl requires several attempts with different sized needles to see if the drape is right with the stitch combination. 

The silly part is I have no reason to be doing this. Cotton is ridiculous to launder. Knitted cotton, anyway. I expect it will be washed once for blocking but probably not again after that. That is the reason I chose a shawl. I have about 500 yards of worsted weight which I could expand by dipping further into my cotton stash.  I have been through all the shapes: rectangle working the length, rectangle working the breadth, half-square triangle, half-circular. I am considering trying the half-circle again today. I will let you know what is next...

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