EDITED TO ADD photo to the right after 2.5 hours of sewing and pressing.
It was tough, but I figured out how to cut the first block for Saturday Soiree for Marcus Brothers by Faye Burgos. The little pieces of fabric came with a diagram and also a list of template sizes but NO WHERE does it say, for example, cut 6 of template A with fabric 1 being careful to reserve some of fabric 1 for template 4. 
Fabric 1
I felt like a page of the directions was missing. I suppose quilt shops all across the land are struggling with that. The quilt shops buy the line of fabric and the backing and then buy the permission to make copies of the block directions. They only have what the program gives them, so it is not really their fault. Besides, this is my first Block of the Month, so I don't really know any better, do I ?
Leftover scraps from Block 1
Mine is cut, anyway, and I hope to do some of the machine sewing and pressing today. It is a fairly straightforward block, and looks like it might be the one on the top left.

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