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This little poster comes from HERE. It was one of those things floating around the FaceBook and/or Pinterest Universe and I found it and liked it. It makes creativity sound like LOVE, doesn't it?

This week I begin my Audrey Class. Audrey Hiers is a member of the "BIG" Guild to which I belong--Misty Mountain Quilt Guild. She has long been recognized as an expert in her artistry and periodically teaches classes. She calls them Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade. I hope I am up to her Second Grade class instruction because that is what I am going to take. Here is what the John C. Campbell Folk School says about her when she is on the teaching schedule.

Audrey Hiers had 30 years of service as an educator in Florida before moving to Blairsville, GA, in 1987. Since moving to the mountains, her quilt life has included teaching classes and workshops, offering lectures, and serving as president of the local guild, Misty Mountain Quilters. 

She finds special joy in teaching beginning quilting to children and adults. Audrey's original design, "Crazy Daisies," appeared in McCall's Quilting Magazine, August 2010. Most recently published was "Big Boy," a whimsical quilt of colorful chickens, which appeared in American Quilts for the American Home (Quilting Magazine 2011 special spring issue)

Instead of me "lifting" photos of her work to show you, follow the links below to see some of what she is about.

Find her My Other Garden--Fast Charm Square HERE.
Find her Big Boy HERE--It is a CHICKEN Quilt!

You can see I am going to have great mentorship this week while I try to use up my creativity.

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