I have been working on ideas for little quilts, or doll quilts. Just because. Just because they are fun to do. I am attempting one from the Kathleen Tracy book Civil War Sewing Circle, The Quilts and Sewing Accessories Inspired by that Era.

I joined a little Yahoo Group called Small Quilt Talk and Ms Tracy is the moderator. Last year, the group made a quilt a month challenge. This month is quilter's choice--we are encouraged to select something from one of Ms Tracy's books or any other small style quilt, or design our own.  I thought I would use one I already started and just try to finish it in January but instead, I have chosen to modify one of the quilts from the cover of the Civil War Sewing Circle book.

If you guessed I chose the hexagon flower one, you are correct. Tomorrow, if the sunlight cooperates, I will show you my progress.

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