I decided to make a binder cover. I looked in my stash for a piece of fabric big enough but not one I had emotional attachments to. It is hard to throw out a ruined project when it is made of lovely fabric. After I got going on this, I realized if I made it too small to fit the notebook, I could always turn it into place mats! I picked this cheery hot peppers fabric from deeeeeeeep in my stash and quilted it up. I did not put a backing on it when I quilted it. I just used the peppers and the batting. 
 Also, I was out of 407 spray adhesive so I just held on to it the best I could. I made a wonderful discovery.  The fabric really pouched up inside the quilting lines and even though I used a very thin quilt batting, it looks quite substantial! I used the pebble quilting design but on these hot peppers, I call it SELTZER BUBBLES. 

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea and you did an awesome job!!! Looks like something fun to do for our quilt class notebook. You are so smart!!!