How about water colors? Clear colors, with a transparent quality. Truly, in the back of my mind, I know water colors are not a good option for a quilt meant to be functional. Still, I have to try. See how far I am coming along finding things for the "garage sale"? Yeah, that kind of went by the wayside.

I really enjoyed working with the water colors. I see a lot of potential for their use in art pieces. I see some water color classes in my future. I think my recent acquisition of a book called Floral Stitches by Judith Baker Montano sent me that direction. She sometimes paints a foundation for her "layered" approach. It is the kind of book I can "read" when I am too tired to read. The pictures and diagrams go into my head without having to pass through the printed word translator part of my brain.

I have absolutely no practical experience with water color on paper. I have read three books and looked at countless internet sites about it. I have a basic understanding of the theories. I think I could be free enough to just play with the colors. Do I really want to take classes?

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