My mother's mother was a phenomenal gardener and was active in her Garden Club. I can remember being with Grammie in the garden when my grandfather brought over a wheelbarrow of natural fertilizer (fresh manure) from the barn. There was a tree that she had surrounded with a square of planned beds. 

 I could not tell you what she had in those beds, I was too young to really take note. I DO remember finding wild white violets not too far from where she was working. I thought they were so magical. 

One day she showed me a wild strawberry and it had a tiny berry on it. It is no wonder that I was excited to see the wild strawberries  near our driveway last year. The deer ate the little berries before they were big enough to turn red. THIS year, I found wild white violets! I was so excited about their purple relatives and even tried to transplant some of them from the west side to the area near the steps of the porch. But WHITE ones? I am beyond excited.

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