This is called the Around Town Tote. It took a couple of weeks longer than it normally would have. I decided to work on it only in the OASIS classroom.  It wanted to be much wider than you see it here in the side view but I was able to impose my will upon it.
With the help of some covered wire I bought on a reel at Christmas time but never used, I strung the long sides closer to each other after I installed the lower rim for the handles. It waited that way for two weeks while we had a week off for Easter.
 I like it natural with deep tan accents and handles but what I had in mind was a warmer color for the reed so the accents and handles would look like they were all part of a finished piece. So, I used plastic wrap and blue painters' tape  to cover the braided leather and then sprayed the tote with an oil-based basket stain.
See how the new color makes it work all together? Now for the liner...

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