So. One of my guilds is having a "garage sale". Again, I go through my stash looking for just the right things with which to part. Oh, oh. I found batik frog squares. I bought them years and years ago. They are sort of 4.5" square. Sort of. Oh, look at this fabric! It is a pretty creamy sea foam turquoise. Is that really a color? Some of the frogs look  quite nice. Probably not enough fabric, though. Oh, here is some muted taxi yellow. Good thing when I was playing with my Sunbonnet Sue I selected the smaller piece of this to function as background. Oh! some of the frogs look great!

These frogs came in sets of 9. I bought a set with a coupon for 40% off at my favorite central Florida fabric store, The Sewing Studio in Maitland. Several years after that, I realized 9 little squares would not make much. I ordered two more sets to boost an order from eQuilter. So, now there are 27 frogs. Even with enough border on each one to make the squares 9.5 inches each, 27 squares is just not enough for a quilt. I need one more. I could order another set and add another column. I would still have one left and I would be out $15.99. 
What should I do?

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