I do not think my primary media is meant to be beading. Not like this, anyway.
While I understand the process for something like this, and I am drawn to the engineering and technique, and I enjoy looking at it, it is not my calling to make one.
I think there is something more structural waiting. Something . . .

I have no current link for this
I found these images from a website interview from a few years back with bead/jewelry artist Susan Shaw. I was so disappointed to find that she does not have an active etsy storefront, nor any blog I could find. She used to design under the name Yellow Plum. All I found was a company of crappy mass-produced costume jewelry. I hope the two are not related. There IS a water color artist called Susan Shaw. Maybe it is the same one and she found her direction.

I hope to do something like that with my peyote stitch class. Am I getting closer? They look like boxes. Containers...baskets?

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