"Did you find the hole they were using to get in?"
He shows me a quarter-sized circle using his thumb and forefinger. Manufacturing holes for cables and such to pass through. Later, I go to the car to retrieve knitting from the glove box.(Surely it was safe THERE) As I grab it from the compartment, it does not come out easily. An end from the ball I was using seems to be stuck. I pull and pull until about 3 yards are unreeled. It seems to have been stuck behind the glove box.
     It pops free. Nine feet of blue yarn, my very best Lantern Moon needles (unscathed, thank you) and about 3 inches of work and I go into the house. The polite little creatures, what ever they are, carefully detached the working yarn, leaving a 4 inch tail for me to weave in. The knitting itself is undisturbed and aside from the trail from the working ball of yarn, everything looks like normal knitting.

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