Oranges year-round is one of the promises Floridians think of when the heat makes door handles and seat-belt parts untouchable. These beauties look postcard perfect in my parents' back yard about a month ago.

My son studies photography and has worked on various artistic editing. One he calls lomography--Simulating "the effects of a lomo camera. Photos taken with a lomo camera have high contrast, twisted colors, and a noticabe vignette."

I wonder if that is supposed to be NOTICABLE.

If you want to know more, click the link and scroll to the bottom to read about it.

I wanted to give it a try with just a little color and contrast tweak. What do you think? This is probably not the way it is supposed to be done, but it was fun to play.

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KMo said...

Cool! I love to learn about new stuff - I clicked on the link - I don't think this is something I would have ever stumbled upon if R or B hadn't been into lomography! Beuatiful pics - both of them!