I spent hours yesterday looking at patterns for warm, woolly hats. Here is my favorite search site for free knitting patterns: http://knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/hats.php

This link goes directly to hats, but I think if you leave off everything after the dot com and put it in your browser to open another tab you can look up any topic you like.

Here is what I picked to try out:

I hope I have linked the Quanah site to the words above. She has the pattern there but permission is not given for me to post her pattern. I hope it is permitted to show you the picture because I think it is worthwhile.

It is a pattern for a reversible or doubled hat. I picked nice, sober, sedate navy, charcoal, and brown yarns for the reverses of these that you see below which are Classic Elite Liberty Wool Print colorways Sunrise, Sunset, and

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