I am a little late today. Spinning class yesterday and then a little more spinning during the knitting meeting at Yarn Circle in North Carolina. I am trying to learn the long draw. I've been spinning with friends for two or three years now, just bumping along, not really doing much but enjoying myself. Yesterday I learned the long draw, or I should say, learned to recognize the long draw. Haven't actually done it for more than a few feet which isn't saying much since I was at it for about 2 hours and have almost a full bobbin of New Zealand Coopworth.

Here is a picture of a little bag I knit for a friend with her first hand spun. She was going to throw it out and I would not let her. The variegated is a Lopi Bulky I had in my stash. Her dark blue blended in nicely and the gauge was about the same. I want to learn to spin worsted and bulky weight yarns.

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and I do cherish my bag,