I wanted to show some amazing hummingbird pictures sent to me in an email. I checked further and found that they are copyright protected so instead I'll give you the link to the site. A lady in Louisiana has tamed hummingbirds and her husband photographed them feeding from her hand. Another woman submitted one of these amazing photographs and claimed they were HER hands the hummingbirds were in and won a prize. No wonder the Alfano family decided to copyright the photos.

The day I received the email with the stunning pictures, this tiny lady crashed into the window just about at my forehead level. She lay on the roof just outside my window for several minutes and I was so upset--I was sure she was dead. Not so! After about 5 minutes, she struggled to this position and stayed there about 10 more minutes. She is a female ruby-throat.

Pretty soon she flew to a nearby tree branch and rested a little longer.

Then she was gone. Two or three females have visited my feeder since then and I like to think she is one of them.


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! And I love the hummingbird story. We pay attention to our birds too - very special.

Purl Buttons said...

Thank you! Today I saw so many gold finches and indigo buntings but they would not come close and my camera was not quick enough. What do you see from your window? Where IS your window?

StCroixLady said...

I have many pictures of hummingbird's nests and eggs from when I lived on St. Croix. There are usually 3 eggs and they are tiny, tiny. Speckled and very pretty! Enjoy!