Is that not the goofiest thing you have ever seen? I LOVED it the minute I found it and ordered two of them; one for me and one for HMHC. Since we both knit, I thought they would be fun conversation pieces at weekly gatherings. Unfortunately, the zipper is {*WAS*} so small, our hands were barely able to fit in.

There, that is a better size zipper! I cut out the attached acetate lining, gave the chickens episiotomies...

Here they are before I color the stitching on the black feathers. Due to the delicacy of the operation, I chose to sew by hand. I should have changed thread color when the chicken changed color but permanent marker is so much easier.

If you want one, too, be careful when you visit this site that you don't order the coin purse. I can't even imagine how small THAT zipper is, even with the pictured coin purse!


Anonymous said...

Ouch! to the episiotomy, but they're SOOOO cute! We've got chickens too, but they don't have zips - they lay eggs. : )

Purl Buttons said...

I think I have chickens on the brain!