This summer we visited The Lost Sea Adventure--underground caves in Tennessee near Coker Creek. Jeff's brother, James, and his wife, Sandy, were with us. On the way home, Sandy found a waterfall for us to visit. It is called Coker Creek Falls. It is so remote it took us almost half an hour on gravel road to get there. The parking area couldn't even hold more than 20 cars. It is an unspoiled, unvisited, unknown piece of natural beauty. We didn't have to hike at all to get there. About 10 minutes on a path and we had quite a view. Now I know what the sports setting is good for on my camera. I have some close up shots where the individual water droplets can be seen as they tumble over the rocks.

Below is a shot I took on the gravel road back out.

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kmogilev said...

We always pass Lost Sea on our way to and from or TN property - never tought to sop there - but now we will & we'll seek out Coker creek Falls, too! So beautiful!!! k