Old News

Finally have world enough and time.

From this past New Years:

My resolutions:

Finish the five pair of socks I have started.

That is a reasonable goal and one I think I can accomplish. Setting unreasonable goals gives room for a lot of negative thinking.

Here are the first pair I’ve decided to finish. Ironically, they are the last pair I started. They are of the Berroco sparkly sock yarn that makes me think of blue jeans. They stripe a little, in an interesting pattern. I used the toe up method and after the increases, added a little bit of ribbing on either side, just a simple k1p1 to accommodate a curvy foot. When I saw this yarn, I knew they would make perfect socks for my friend HMHC. The plan is to get them to the cuff and mail them back to her so she can put the cuffs on. The wooden needles are two sets I got her to lend me so I can leave them on the needles when I send them up. I hope these socks won’t be too loose and floppy. If they are, she might wear them as socks with slippers or around the house socks.

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