I Enjoy Sewing (sometimes)And This is One of Those Times

I have been very fortunate to be allowed to take part in several drama presentations at my area middle school. The Drama department lets me run wild with costuming and I have had the pleasure of making costumes for several plays. Here are some pictures from the recent production of "Is There a Doctor in the House?"

Those are pictures of the Corn girls. There were a total of 12 of them but they were hard to round up! They played the gossipy biddies in the play.

Below are the Cow Belles. I had fun making the cow substitutes for the poodles one would usually expect. The girls were very appreciative of the tiny bells the cows had around their necks and seemed to like the googly eyes. The Belles themselves had huge bows on their heads made of the same material as the cow applique but of course I can't show you their faces. The girls found the skirts to be REALLY HOT to wear. Did you know when you go to buy craft felt anymore it is sometimes made of recycled bottles? Yep, this was as uncomfortable as wearing a slightly flexible quarter-inch thick plastic bottle. They were so sweet to put up with it.

Then there was the mayor. The picture just does not do the outfit justice. This was a young man with the broadest shoulders you have ever seen and a 46 inch chest. The pattern the drama teacher wanted me to use was three sizes smaller than this man-child. I rigged up something that worked out. He had a satin fest (faux vest) that had lovely sparkles on it. I chose little flag buttons for it even though I knew they would not "read" from the audience. Then I made the tails. He is holding one out but the jacket is not really settled on him like it should be. He truly looked like a pompous politician, which was his role. He wore a sequined tie and a ridiculous red, white, and blue top hat. He was sublime.

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