More From the Past

More of my BFF HMHC...

I made her red socks once; in a worsted weight (cheapo wool/acrylic blend) with weird fringey/furry stripes in pinks and oranges from “fun” type yarn that was popular for scarves awhile back, when knitting was just getting its rebirth. She loved them and even learned to knit some socks on her own. We don’t live near enough to each other to knit together everyday, but when I came to visit after sending her the red pair; she had several pair of socks for me to finish the toes on! I don’t hate Kitchener stitch, but I can see why she let me do it. Soon after that, I started using various toe-up methods. She went on to make sweaters and afghans.

The next pair I made for HMHC weren’t really socks but slippers from that cute little Pocketbook sock pattern that looks like ballet slippers once you put them on. They are a very bright red and I made them in a wonderful worsted weight merino superwash by Berroco. It took 2 balls. They yarn is luscious and springy. The color is not at all subtle but it WAS on sale.

If you would like to see how these slippers look when worn, click the picture above. This will also take you to a web page with the directions.


Anonymous said...

VERY cute - I'm going to have to try these.

HMHC said...

Hmmm,,, what could HMHC stand for! I give. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful projects with me! And also for all the projects that you have given me over the years! You are the most talented person I know and my BBF! Now that I have given you great compliments, please tell me what HMHC stands for if not my name!???!!! Thank you, love & miss you always!