More From What I Meant to Post in January

Here is a dachshund sweater I knit last week. Lily really needed it a couple of days. I had it all bound off two times before I was satisfied with the fit. It has a unique dart system under her chest and a V-shaped gusset of ribbing that narrows and continues around the edge. When it gets to the saddle shape over the rear, I had to make stitches for the ribbing to lie flat. Although I would have liked to have had it go longer, I really wanted her to wear it at least once while we were InTheMountains and I had already ripped it back twice. She seemed to enjoy it. I used Lamb’s Pride with a strand of some kind of Jojoland long repeat. It photographs much bluer than it its. It is really a grapey purple. It has a fairly stiff hand because I thought if the stitches were closer together, it might not felt as easily.

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