Wildfires have devastated acres and acres around this hike and others in the area. Instead of more hiking, like I mentioned below,  I hope to be a part of reforestation events. While watching my new state burn, weather reports of Irma, affecting my old states are claiming my attention. I'm concerned for my many friends and family members. 

Rodney Falls
NieceK and I went on a hike on Saturday. 

We went to Beacon Rock State Park in Skamania, Washington, near the Mt. Hood National Forest. 

I think it is considered a moderate hike. 

It was easy for nieceK, but it was very difficult for me. 

I knew we were going to see the falls at the halfway point because it was a hike, look, turn-around, go back sort of hike. I don't know the technical term for that sort of hike, but I will be looking for more like that.

Hardy Falls and Pool of the Winds 

Seeing the falls is what kept me going, but I wasn't sure I could do it!

I could have stayed with my feet in the pool for another hour. My butt was on a wet rock and I didn't even care. 

My very own happy feet
The hike back was so delightful. I hardly had to stop and get my breath at all! I am definitely going to look for more hikes considered EASY to do.

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