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Sorry, no close-ups on these!

The tour buses loaded at 5:45 a.m., and everyone was ready to go. It was about a three hour drive, with a stop at a rest stop half-way through. 
The town's elevation is 3,182, but the high dessert means NO MOISTURE.
It was hot. Still, at 99 degrees, we could look up and see snow.

Our group added 164 men and women to the 10,000 visitors who were willing to walk around under the unrelenting sun on the high dessert.

One of the larger Spargo quilts

Another teeny Spargo, with lots
of room for trying out stitches

I had a hard time getting close to this Sue Spargo. There was always
a crowd. I visited it twice and got a few close-ups

Wish I'd gotten the entire gator, but at least I got the elephants

Check out those bullion stitches on the bee!

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