Trying to get one of my nieces to adopt this mantra:

"I am a strong, capable woman. I am loving and caring and worthy of love and respect."

I am also trying to get myself to use it. I am venturing out, being bold and solo. I went into a bar by myself for the first time since I was 14.  Yes, well, that's another story for another day but let me just say that episode did not involve alcohol or inappropriate adults.

Anyway, I found myself walking around in the metro area (in the Alberta district), and I was drawn to MOLOKO because of the giant saltwater tanks. And the air conditioning.  

Had my first mojito and a charming dinner of cold salmon, with an onion caper relish, black and green olives, and delightful chevre cheese. 

I am not sure what delighted me most; my first mojito, being alone and ordering a drink and a meal, eating at the bar next to the calming, graceful fish. I expect I will do it again.

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Good on you, girlfriend. Spread those wings and fly.