Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, 2017
This was the 42nd annual show, which is always held the second Saturday in July. The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is the largest outdoor quilt show in the world. There were over 1,300 quilts adorning every fence, railing and building.

There were more than 10,000 visitors there that day, and wouldn't you know, I ran into a woman from SC and we determined that we had been on the same Shop Hop and visited Country Stitches in Blue Ridge on the same day.


One of the featured artists at the Sisters Quilt Show was  Sue Spargo.

YUP, saw it up close and personal. See the clothespins
at the top? This is a very small quilt.

As soon as our bus pulled up, I knew I was headed to the block of stores featuring one of my favorite wool applique' artists.

Spargo quilt with MACHINE QUILTING! Who'd'a thunk?

I was surprised at how small Spargo's quilts are. It inspired me to pursue some of the little applique' exercise projects I have piled up.  

Spargo's stitching reminds me of stumpwork.
I'll find my book and share the title later.

Her butterflies, birds, and leaves are marvelous to look at up close because you can see how playful she got in her experimentation with different stitching embellishments. 
Another tiny Spargo quilt

I will share some photos here, because I got to see them in REAL LIFE, but the photos you can find on the internet and in her books are professional and show the colors better. Most of the pictures I took were over-bright and some I could fix a little in editing, but sadly, my photos don't do her quilts justice.
Sue Spargo made this and I got to see it in REAL LIFE

Sue Spargo shows us how to play

Sue Spargo combines wools, cottons, rayon ric-rac,
beads, thread, and found embellishments.

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, you lucky girl. Are you saying that she does a lot of this applique on her machine? I can do some but not anything I really want anybody to see. Take care. Good to see you posting again. Did quiltyfriend send you pictures of the applique quilt? That thing is gonna be stupendous when its finished. We'll all be fighting over it.