Oops. Coffee habit is easy to start up. Drank REAL coffee two days in a row. That is a really easy pattern to slip into here in coffee world. To be fair, I was fairly productive those two days and reduced my filled boxes by 25-30. I also used a new ap called NextDoor and offered up all kinds of boxes and packing materials. Within a half hour I had a response and within an hour, they were cleared out. I placed the ad on Craigslist, too, and had a call right as the first recycler left. Not to worry, I told him. More where those came from, and there were. Second load out the door last night! 

I had help arranging furniture last night and the promise of TV and picture hanging today. Two more boxes will leave today, since they are filled with stuff I borrowed and am now returning. Plenty of work yet to be done, so let me gulp down the last of this Rainbow Mate' and get going!

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Glad to hear you're digging your way through all the boxes. Help is always nice for the big stuff. Enjoy your coffee!!