Boxes and furniture should arrive Friday! Until then, I am eating from the frozen food departments of Trader Joes, New Seasons, Whole Foods, all the places I couldn't go until this week. 
I don't generally eat frozen dinners but there are some amazing Indian entrees for some pretty good prices. 

Last night was Lamb Saag.
I am pretty sure I could eat Indian food 7 days a week and never tire of it. The only trouble I have is getting used to white rice, which even though it is BASMATI, I just don't care for it. 

My bro-in-law and sis-in-law gave me a big package of brown basmati once, and I used it up pretty quickly. I seem to be in the land of weird food opportunities, so I will see what the grocery stores offer when I get unpacked. Who knows, maybe I will learn to cook Indian food! I haven't checked to see what the Halal offerings are, but I bet I can get whatever I fancy.

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Sandra R Harrison said...

We got that rice at an Indian Grocery. It was a brown basmati from the himilayans