My gladioli are blooming one at a time. Since they are not making a big show in the garden, I am cutting them and enjoying them in the house, stalk by stalk. I like this photo. It reminds me of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Splendid Sampler Block #40, designed by Barb Groves and Mary Jacobson, is called Flights of Friendship.

Splendid Sampler Block # 41, Sew South, designed by Jennifer Mathis.

Temecula circa 2016, July 1 block, is called Shoofly.

This is the most recent block sewn, I was concentrating better and enjoyed this one.

 Amish with a Twist. I assure you there are WAAAAAAY more seams that were sewn than it looks. My concentration was off, and so was my sewing.

Southern Appalachian Modern Quilt Guild Block of the month: Applique'. Mine is 5.5" by 9.5", half sized. My concentration has been wandering. I need to get some good streaming shows that take up most of my mind so my applique' is more even in temperament.

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WAZOO! Quilting said...

Your blocks are wonderful! They look fine to me.