Finished my PULSE quilt top. It will be sent to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild along with another quilt that was made by members of my modern guild, Southern Appalachian Modern Quilt Guild. 

I will show you that quilt when I get a picture of it in August, when it comes back from the quilter.

Splendid Block #43 is by Pat Sloan and is called Pincushion Love. It is entirely appropriate that the pins are bent, just like my real pins.
You can barely tell, but the background is a very dark blue with red tattersall weave.

Splendid Block # 44 is called Stitch in the Garden by Gail Pan. I am amazed at how little I care to do embroidery of this style. I thought I really liked it. I guess appreciating someone's work and enjoying duplicating it do not necessarily follow.
Last week's Temecula Circa 2016, July 9 is a Friendship Star block.

Here is this week's: Yankee Puzzle

Second Saturday for July (Amish With a Twist from Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop)

I got a little behind with my June Gypsy block from Quilt Shop on Main, but here it is. July will be late, as well!


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Wow! You have been quite productive! I love the hearts and 9 patches quilt.