Mystery solved! HusbandofQuiltyFriend, half of a gardening duo, identified my plant as a Paulownia Tree. 

It goes by several names, such as Princess Tree or Empress Tree. 

It is cousin to the Snapdragon and Butterfly Bush.

Since mine is growing under the overhang of my roof, it must be transplanted and soon.

Someone's full-grown Paulownia

It will grow to be 20 feet or more. 

Ironically, it dislikes clay and rocky soil. 

I have a feeling transplanting it is going to cause it some distress since clay and rocky soil is what I grow best in my yard.

Blossoms up close

Blossoms that Marcelo Garcia liked
Did another Splendid Block. This is #42, Pencils by Jane Davidson. I enjoyed making it.

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