My primary sewing machine is in the shop, right in the middle of all the classes and online events I have involved myself in. I set up the secondary machine, but it has some sort of power issue. The last three times I had it repaired, the wiring was checked and a new (expensive, yet seemingly pointless) power supply was put in. It wiggles off and on when I step away to iron. Finally, the wiggling got so frequent, it was dangerous to continue.

Luckily, I pick up my primary machine this afternoon, and QuiltyFriend will lift it upstairs for me. I will have to wait until this evening if I want to sew on my Splendid Sampler. I also have a Second Saturday Block and two Modern Quilt Blocks to do. I can get some cutting done, in preparation. But, the Elephants from Laundry Basket Quilts are calling me...

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