Splendid Sampler #2 WINGS
Sewing and listening to music. I never used to listen to music, everyone else in my family had definite tastes in music and we listened to a lot of music. A LOT. 

I started listening to Pandora regularly while on the treadmill--marches and theme music to epic westerns.

I had some channels set up by FartherAwaySon, which I listen to via my television screen. Mostly Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

Recently, I added some of my own. I like the Quick Mix option, but it doesn't really mix ALL of my channels. I work best with Sea Chanteys, Irish folk music, and Scottish folk music. I also like Medieval and Renaissance music. But when I want to feel POWERFUL, I listen to bagpipes. 

It took a LOT of skirling of the pipes for WINGS, the second block of the Splendid Sampler.

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Quilt Granny said...

Your block is beautiful. I am doing the Splendid Sampler also. All excited and anxious for Block 3 to appear.