I can keep going if I just keep going.

Treadmill has been #1 on my daily goal sheet for a month. It just moved off the list because it has finally become a habit. 

In a few days, I will find another to replace it. 

The number one spot is for those things I need to work into my daily routine, with the goal of becoming habits.

I began with 15 minutes a day, increasing one minute every 4th day. When I got to 21 minutes, I switched to distance. I can do 1 mile at a pretty fast clip (for me) because I have a Pandora Station called John Philip Sousa. There are some pretty fun marches on there, not just Sousa. Today I had one of the Star Trek marches as well as some wonderful Western ones.

I finally got the incline worked out. It was stuck on a steeper grade than I could comfortably walk--it was killing the backs of my knees. I found I could adjust by number instead of the up and down arrow and that seemed to work just fine.

The hardest step is the first step. Right now, the second hardest step is right at 7/10ths of a mile.

But if I just keep going, I can keep going.