After more than a month away from my dear, old, ASUS laptop, I could not stand to be limited to my phone and iPad for internet. It was so tricky to even use the internet that way, I could not even BEGIN to write blog posts. 

Catching up:
I have been getting rid of a huge bag or box of "STUFF" each week. I have the photos on my phone--maybe. 

I keep getting messages that my iCloud is beyond capacity to store and back up data. I am prompted to increase storage, but when I touch the correct button, it does not take me anywhere that I can do that. Imagine that happening several times a day. Me: wanting to add more cloud mass, but never arriving where I need to be to go to the next step.

ANYway, I will post photos of old stuff that left when I get a chance. It looks like I have 4 boxes or bags to show. If I can get those photos, I will! I am determined to send out a box or bag a week for 52 weeks.

Blog may be sporadic while I get used to this new contraption. As you may remember, Apple is not matched up to my brain. 

I have a PC brain. 

But, I have an Apple phone, and an iPad. I think Apple is slowly training my brain so it can function with Apple products. 

My first difficulty is opening this laptop. Not only do I keep trying to do it from the back, I almost drop it every time I try to get my fingers in place to part the screen from the keyboard. I have figured it out but I am still so clumsy.

I could NOT get the hang of using the onboard mouse. Nope. I was delighted that she let me use my USB Logitech mouse, which has right and left click. However, she has to remind me that she is boss. The scroll wheel works BACKWARDS. Yup, backwards. When I want a page to scroll down as I am reading, I have to reel that wheel UP. Training is slow, but the rewards are quite nice.


aberylka said...

Michelle, don't drink the Kool-aid!
Apple sucks you in and you can't get out.....ever.

WAZOO! Quilting said...

I am an all Mac person and I love it. Don't give up!!