Dejunkifying continues. I feel like I want to organize all this stuff so you can see where I am. So I can see where I am.

One of the first things to leave the house was this double bed with under drawer system. The mattress left, too. I started to record weights with the pictures of things when my computer gave up the ghost. Now, I will try to retrace and continue forward.

This is a picture of the King Size bed I had, once upon a time. It and the mattress, left a year ago to Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Blue Ridge. This was before I started
Dejunkifying, so it doesn't count. I lost the picture I took of the double bed that was just like it, this can stand in. 

Well, maybe it was more like this. At least, last time I saw it, it was. It had 12 drawers and a long drawer from foot to head. This one shows only the bottom level of drawers. It is a platform style, so only a mattress is needed, not box springs.

I figure the double bed system weighed about 500 pounds, and the mattress about 125 pounds.


The air compressor was 29 pounds

The box was 36.2 pounds

Week 4
The bags were 10.6 pounds

So. In the first month, the household is 700.8 pounds lighter. I will try to make Wednesday my dejunkifying post day. 

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