Spent several hours coordinating photos between devices. I think I can catch you up on all the decluttering. On October 13, I posted that my goal was to remove a bag or box of "stuff" from the house every week for 52 weeks. I DID do this, and photographed it, I just didn't have computer access to post up on the blog, so here is what has left the house:

October 20
One of these type things--to a close family friend. If only I was sure all the parts were together. And it would be great if I ran across the instruction book...

October 27
Thrift store stuff

November 3

Bags of stuff to specific people
I have been busy. There are piles of stuff just waiting to be photographed and sent on its way. If I only had time to figure out how to make my computer and my blog program get along...As you can see, they haven't agreed on how to show writing beside the photos, nor have they agreed upon how to show the photos on the page. Oh, well, at least I am fairly caught up with the 52 boxes or bags.


Suzanne Rostek said...

You are amazing! I chip away here and there but always aspire for more. Except for a couple of big items, I am preparing to give away stuff we will never use again. Clutter drives me crazy; unfinished projects are even worse. This little house collects both.

Suzanne Riggenbach said...

About 10 years ago, when we moved to Houston, and moved in with Jeff's mother and had many clothes from San Francisco, that I would never wear again. I gave the items to Star of Hope a local organization that help homeless women find jobs and better themselves thru upscale clothing donations. When we moved out of Dorothy's house into our 2/2 patio home, more stuff was donated, sold and given away. I have downsized and recycled electronic equipment. All the VHS tapes are gone, they are worthless; I believe in the near future DVDs will be considered "legacy media equipment." So I plan to send the movie DVDs to troops overseas. I have 12 pairs of shoes including: boots, slippers, sandals, bowling, and my bike shoes. I am considering downsizing to one or 2 winter coats and anything I don't wear for a year, goes.
However, my husband won't let go of his 3000 book library, which now has become a boat anchor of sorts. I will try to convince him that I don't want to deal with all this if he goes before me. I am trying to convince him that the younger generation will benefit from his collection. But all this takes time and energy to compile, catalog and coordinate and I surmise he just doesn't have the energy nor will-power to accomplish this task.
Anyway, Purl, kudos to you and your dedication to simplify your life. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blogs.